Grandma Juçá passed away

Today’s post is not about embedded systems, electronics, programming or technology. Today I just wanted to render a tribute to my grandmother Juçá de Souza Pereira which passed away yesterday (06/16/2017) at an age of 95 and joined my grandfather José Caetano Pereira and my uncle Jorge Leal Pereira in their eternal living.

Christmas 2016, me, my grandma Juçá and my wife Débora right behind us

Grandma Juçá (or Juca as some computer systems insisted to name her) was a very important person in my life, she was my godmother, took care of me since I was a child and was always around when I most needed her. It was her that agreed to go with me to Curitiba so I could study electronics at CEFET-PR (I was around 14 years-old at that time). She always supported me in whatever I wanted to do (except maybe in my decision to move to Canada 🙂 ).

Grandma I hope you to be very happy wherever you are and that you are able to rediscover the greatest love of your life, which made you so often cry while you were here among us. I love you!

2 thoughts on “Grandma Juçá passed away

  1. Bom dia!

    Minhas condolências pelo falecimento de sua avó, e meus parabéns por ter tido alguém tão “grande” ao teu lado!



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