Who is Fábio Pereira?



My name is Fábio Pereira and this is my technical blog. I have a technical degree in electronics, bachelor  degree in law, a post-graduation degree on electronics projects design (CEFET-SC, Brazil) and another post-graduation on embedded systems development (Conestoga College – Canada). I am mostly an autodidact guy, questioning, curious, experimenter and enthusiast of several areas including microcontrollers, mobile programming, programmable logic, etc.

My interest on electronics and programming started very early: I got my first microcomputer (a CP400 Color II, a Brazilian version of the TRS-80 Color Computer, powered by the 6809 microprocessor) when I was about 12 years-old, I learned Basic programming language with the user manual and also by reading Brazilian programming magazines of that age: Input and Micro Sistemas. Some time later I asked my father to buy me a Portuguese version of Steve Ciarcia’s “Build Your Own Z80 Computer” book.

Some years later, when I was 15, I got my first PC microcomputer, an IS-30 from Itautec (a Brazilian clone of the IBM-PC XT but using a NEC V30 microprocessor), on that machine I learned more about Basic language (Turbo Basic) and also Pascal (Turbo Pascal). At that time I wrote my very own Z-80 assembler (there was no Internet and the access to programming tools in Brazil was very very difficult). Always as an autodidact I also studied EGA/VGA video programming, 8086 assembly programming, TSR (terminate and stay resident) programming, etc.

Years later I had my first contact with C language (Turbo C) and some years later I had my very first contact with a microcontroller: the PIC 16F84. I bought a kit from a local school and started studying the device’s datasheet, some years later I wrote my first book on PIC programming (Microcontroladores PIC: Técnicas Avançadas or PIC Microcontrollers: Advanced techniques) and the rest is history!

I would like to thank my father Pedro and my grandmother Juçá. Him because he always supported me and gave me the best possible education and tools to learn and develop myself. Her because she supported and took care of me when I went to study in Curitiba at CEFET-PR (currently UTF-PR) when I was 14.

Here are all books I have published to this date (since 2002):


My LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabiojve

I am currently living in Kitchener, ON, Canada and working at Geotab, inc as an Embedded Systems Developer.